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Volume 81, Issue 4
  1. Signal Processing
  2. Nuclear Physics from the Quark Model with Chromodynamics
  3. Physics Reports
  4. Goutsias: Publications

Cassidy, and S. Hogan , Single-color two-photon spectroscopy of Rydberg states in electric fields , Physical Review A , vol.

Signal Processing

Marxer and L. Spruch , Semiclassical estimation of the radiative mean lifetimes of hydrogenlike states , Physical Review A , vol. Horbatsch, E. Horbatsch, and. Hessels , A universal formula for the accurate calculation of hydrogenic lifetimes , Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics , vol.

Van-petegem, C. Dauwe, T. Van-hoecke, J. De-baerdemaeker, and D. Segers , Diffusion length of positrons and positronium investigated using a positron beam with longitudinal geometry , Physical Review B , vol. Bettotti, S. Larcheri, L. Toniutti, and R. Brusa , High positronium yield and emission into the vacuum from oxidized tunable nanochannels in silicon , Physical Review B , vol. Murphy and C. Surko , Positron trapping in an electrostatic well by inelastic collisions with nitrogen molecules , Physical Review A , vol. Danielson, D. Dubin, R. Greaves, and C.

Surko , Plasma and trap-based techniques for science with positrons , Reviews of Modern Physics , vol. Madsen, R. Thompson, and M. Knoop , Physics with trapped chared particles, lectures from the les houches winter school , Cassidy, S. Deng, H. Tanaka, and A. Mills , Single shot positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy , Applied Physics Letters , vol.

Chu and A. Mills , Excitation of the positronium 1 3 s 1?

Nuclear Physics from the Quark Model with Chromodynamics

Lett , vol. Ziock, C. Dermer, R. Howell, K.

Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Plasma Physics

Magnotta, and. Ziock, R. Howell, F. Magnotta, R. Failor, and K. Jones , First observation of resonant excitation of high n states in positronium. Cassidy, T. Tom, and A. Wall, A. Alonso, B. Cooper, A. Deller, S. Hogan et al. Cassidy and S. Wall, C.

Physics Reports

Norton, and F. Butler, N. Charlton, and. Villa , Laser system for positronium excitation to Rydberg levels for Aegis experiment.

Goutsias: Publications

Laser system for positronium excitation to Rydberg levels for Aegis experiment , Harvey , Slow metastable atomic hydrogen beam by optical pumping , Journal of Applied Physics , vol. Oberthaler , Anti-matter wave interferometry with positronium. Institut d'Optique Graduate School. Anderson, J. Ensher, M.

Matthews, C. Wieman, and E. Cornell , Observation of bose-einstein condensation in a dilute atomic vapor , Science , issue. Edison, C. Liang, and. Dermer , Laser cooling of positronium , Optics Communications , vol. Kumita et al. Kumita, T. Hirose, M. Irako, K. Kadoya, B. Matsumoto et al. Asai et al. Bethe and E. Yeh and I. Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables , Mariazzi, A. Salemi, and R.

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  • Propagation of MHD waves in a plasma in a sheared magnetic field with straight field lines;

Brusa , Positronium cooling into nanopores and nanochannels by phonon scattering , Physical Review B , vol. Hori, A. Khare and P.

NBC Commercial Breaks - April 14, 1981 (Special Report)

Bishop, P. Wang, and. Barker , Creating cold stationary molecular gases by optical Stark deceleration , New Journal of Physics , vol. Comparat , Atoms Photons interaction, Master lessons , Hayano and E. Gabrielse, J. Roach, and. Sci , vol. Krasnicky and. Raimbault-hartmann, D. Beck, G. Bollen, M. Kluge et al. Danielson and C. Kuroda, H.