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Okay, she leaves a lot unexplained and she lets the novel tie up some loose ends. But if this sends kids reading again then I am not complaining. Fans of the book are not also likely to complain. In fact, they will surely gush that this is how they imagined it should be. Then beautifully photographed in a lush, wet and green setting with a soundtrack that combines edgy pop with a gorgeous score, Twilight is truly a romantic feast. Best of all, Rob and Kris do bring Edward and Bella to vivid life. To their credit, there is also sincerity in the performances of the young leads.

That is not likely. But Twiligh t has turned them into stars and they are now getting ready for the sequel. With another Twilight movie in a year or so do you think we should be concerned that millions of teenaged girls all over the world are now in love with a vampire?

For Love Eternal - Quest

But I do recall that I was in love with the darkly brooding Heathcliff when I was their age many years ago. I still see the hero or maybe anti-hero of Wuthering Heights as a close cousin to Edward. However, I do believe that I was damaged by that experience because I later got terribly disappointed when boys and later men turned out to be shallow boors ignorant of romance and of the concept of eternal love.

And that is actually the premise with which Twilight has seduced readers everywhere. In this world of fleeting relationships where kids become jaded by impermanence, the idea of life and love eternal, even with vampires can be truly fascinating. With your meaningful insights, help shape the stories that can shape the country. Sign up now! Philstar Global Corp. All Rights Reserved. My Profile Sign Out. Life and love eternal.

Love's Eternal Bite by Dahlia Rose (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

Baby A. Gil The Philippine Star - December 2, - am. Film review: Twilight I came late into the Twilight bandwagon, which was strange as I read anything. How to grow your business with power, style and value. Transport and road expo looks into holistic solution to Philippine traffic. Paano patubuin ang iyong savings? After sales package for previous gen Vios only at P until September Experience the outdoors in style and comfort with glamping at Zoobic Safari. Latest Trending. By Jan Milo Severo 21 hours ago.

By Jan Milo Severo 23 hours ago. In a press statement, GMA Network said last week that they complied with the rules and regulations on the Occupational Safety Batangas vice governor responds to Kris Aquino's call for new male friends.

By Jan Milo Severo 1 day ago. Jessy Mendiola bares what stopped her from moving to GMA By Jan Milo Severo 19 minutes ago. Can their love survive, or will their eternity together end? Content Warning: Violence, sexual encounters with the undead.

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The next book in the trilogy is out this month- check her website for details! Post a Comment. Description: Blood, sex and eternal life… What more could a girl ask for?


The book includes an original introduction by Cast. Cast is an award-winning fantasy and paranormal romance author, as well as an experienced speaker and teacher.

Funny Love Quotes for Her

Cast loves to hear from her fans and can be reached through her website, pccast. Crow is the author of several urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and young adult books. The air in the USO canteen was hazy with cigarette smoke, thick with longing. It would've been hard to say who was more easily enchanted by romance in this place.

Maybe it was the young men going off to war, desperate for comfort and perhaps for someone to fight for. Or perhaps it was the young women, "junior hostesses" as the USO called them, who were supposed to drink and dance with them but never, ever to fall in love. Sometimes Patrice thought that rule only existed so that infatuations would also have the rich glamor of the forbidden; any kiss was sweeter in secret. Patrice could have sneered at the naivety of the young people around her, if she wasn't the most bewitched of them all. She glanced in the mirror for the fourth time that hour.

Her reflection was slightly translucent, but any observer would probably think it was a trick of the smoke. These s fashions suited her, Patrice thought: her white dress had navy piping and a matching belt that showed off her narrow waist. Bright red lipstick played up her smile, and her hair was curled up into a complicated twist.

Appearance was important to her — always had been, always would be — but tonight she was even more particular than usual. Once more, she glanced toward the door of the canteen — and just as the band swung into "The Nearness of You," Charlie walked in wearing his crisp army uniform. The smile that lit her up from within was soon matched by his own. They walked toward each other as though it were casual; the senior hostesses, middle-aged matrons who oversaw the USO canteen, would be shocked if Patrice did what she really wanted to do and ran immediately into his arms.

It was as much of a touch as they dared in public, and the warmth of his skin coursed through her like a pulse.

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By the time the band moved on to "Chattanooga Choo Choo," Charlie and Patrice had joined the crush on the dance floor. Girls with orchids in their Veronica Lake hair danced with soldiers, sailors, any man in uniform who could get into the USO canteen. Although there were still a few glances in Charlie and Patrice's direction, she was pleased to see that the novelty of black girls in the USO was apparently starting to fade.

Black soldiers had always been able to come to the canteen — but at first, the USO hadn't seen fit to allow black girls in to dance with them.

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Dancing with white girls would probably have caused a race riot. So the black women of Boston had banded together and fought for the right to help entertain the soldiers before they shipped off to Europe or the South Pacific. There weren't many other black couples on the dance floor — but Charlie and Patrice weren't alone, and to her astonishment, she thought they were almost accepted there.

Which was the least the soldiers deserved, in her opinion; if black soldiers were good enough to fight and die for their country, then they ought to be good enough to share in the fun at the canteen. That was why she had joined the USO herself — more out of pride in her right to do so than out of any concern for the war effort.

Patrice had seen too many wars to get misty-eyed over this one. But then, one night last month, Charlie Jackson had walked in, and for the first time in far too long, her cool heart had caught fire. Later, she drew him into one of the far corners of the room, supposedly to enjoy some Coca-Cola.