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Walzer 2. Die Gaben der Feen 3. VI: Tanz der Fee Lila Die Bootfahrt zum Schloss Mazurka Finale: Die Verwandlung des Rosengartens. Arranger Otto Langey Arranger Andreas Sain. Arranger Elaine Fine. Arranger Eduard Langer Arranger Aleksandr Schaefer — Plates Arranger John Howard. Arranger Sergei Rachmaninoff — This file is from the MIT archive project.

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Rachmaninoff arranged the entire ballet Sleeping Beauty for piano four-hands in , which was published by P. Jurgenson in October of that year Plate This is possibly based upon the except Moscow: P. Jurgenson , Arranger unnamed.

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Hamburg: Rahter , n. Tchaikovsky, Pyotr. No matter how many ballet lovers have watched "Swan Lake" on the stage, they must see the new film version. Rudolf Nureyev's sensational handling of an unforgettable final scene is far different from the usual stage performance. December Geradezu altmodisch perfekt. Schwanensee: Der Ballettfilm aller Ballettfilme. Related albums.

The Sleeping Beauty (ballet), Op (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr) - IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download

Release 13 Apr. Pas de cinq: Intrada 6. Pas de cinq: Variation 1 7. Pas de cinq: Variation 2 8. Pas de cinq: Variation 3 9.

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Pas de cinq: Variation 4 Pas de cinq: Coda Danse des coupes Danse du Prince Finale Act 2 Introduction Danse des cygnes Pas d'action: Danse des cygnes Danse des grands cygnes Danse de la reine des cygnes Danse espagnole Danse hongroise: Csardas Pas de deux: Introduction Pas de deux: Variation 1 Balletic mime is a stylish work of art. Although we hardly ever see mime in modern pieces, classic works that have been preserved or reconstructed by ballet companies such as ABT, the Royal Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet the latter boasting a pure mime tradition that goes back to the Bournonville schooling tend to contain substantial mime sequences.

As we just wrote a post on going to the ballet for the first time we thought the mime basics would also help prepare you for the performance ahead. Hands circle one another above the head, the arms moving from first to third position. Character touches the forehead with the index finger. Character makes a circle around the face with the palm of the hand. She will tell all villagers of the presence of Wilis in the forest who come out late at night to prey on wandering men.

Odette also uses mime to explain she is the Queen of the swans. Notice how Madge predicts that Effie shall marry Gurn instead of James.

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The lack of sensitive handling of the tale is for me its biggest letdown. Take for instance the fairies in the prologue. The spindle — or the lack thereof — is another issue I take with the Konstantin Sergeyev text.

To avoid this, the King banishes all prickly objects from his kingdom. Fast forward 16 years and we see Aurora triumphing as the center of all attentions in her birthday party until she sees this shiny, pointy object that she has never seen before; think of all psychological connotations that are fitting here, the allure of danger, teenage rebellion. She has got to have that spindle, grabs it enthusiastically to the dismay of her parents, pricks self, brings about the curse.

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Aurora never even registers the presence of a spindle. And how insensitive this is. Source: Mariinsky Theatre. Ekaterina Kondaurova is a warm Lilac fairy and her dancing is magic in itself, so secure and at the same time so fluid, the choreography giving her more to do than elsewhere. Subscribe by Email. Subscribe by Plain Text. The Ballet Bag Staff. Feeds: Posts Comments. Search for:. Subscribe by Email Subscribe by Plain Text. E-mail: The Ballet Bag Staff.