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In alone, three important books—by Kent Lightfoot, James Sandos, and Richard Street—looked at missions in California with greater attention to the Indians in the missions than to Hispanic missionaries. Cook, and reflect the current trend among students of missions elsewhere in Spanish America.

One other boundary also seems to be crumbling. Now that United States historians have embraced the colonial borderlands, borderlands historians who have been trained as Latin Americanists can come out of the closet. Some of the most interesting work on the colonial borderlands has been done on regions just south of the present-day border. Within this expanded colonial borderlands we have seen fresh work on traditional borderlands topics—biography, exploration, law, material culture, missions, presidios, and towns.

That production seems likely to continue, with much of it interdisciplinary and informed by current interests in Native Americans, the environment, community, class, gender, identity, marginality, and cultural hybridity. Its time frame is the late-eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries—when the effects of the Enlightenment were beginning to be felt in Spanish America.

Unable to subjugate many of the tribal peoples on its frontiers and borderlands, enlightened Spain experimented with new strategies for co-existing with them. In the end, though, even the streamlined, efficient bureaucracy of an enlightened Spain did not so much create Indian policy as negotiate it with different Indians as local circumstances demanded. My own effort to understand Spanish Indian policy in North America as part of a larger hemispheric phenomenon is not unique.

Articles have appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Contested Ground.

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Guy and Thomas E. Crossing disciplines with apparent ease, Reff offered a fresh, erudite, and compelling explanation of how Jesuit missionaries in Mexico advanced their cause by echoing the rhetoric and strategies of early Christians.

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In each area, Indians found themselves occupying Jesuit provinces on the peripheries of principal mining centers of Spanish America. The Jesuit influence notwithstanding, Radding finds that distinctive Indian cultures and distinctive ecological niches led to divergent historical trajectories. As the juncture of those two worlds continues to grow in population and in economic and strategic importance, the perspective of Borderlands historians seems likely to become increasingly valued.

Herbert E. Hurtado 1st ed. David J. John L. See David J. Weber, , 78— David Hurst Thomas, ed.

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Columbian Consequences, 3 vols. Washington, D. Spanish Borderlands Source Books 27 vols. Gary B. Nash, Red, White, and Black. Some historians fall in both camps, none more famously or effectively than Richard White. Jacob Ernest Cooke, ed. Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies 3 vols.

What Did Native Peoples Think of Spaniards in 17th Century Florida and New Mexico?

New York: Viking, , x. John F. George P. Hammond and Agapito Rey, eds. Alfred B. Thomas, ed. Thomas H. Naylor and Charles W.

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Polzer, eds. A Documentary History. Polzer and Thomas E. Sheridan, eds. Naylor, and Mardith K. Schuetz-Miller, eds.

Kessell, ed. Kessell and Rick Hendricks, eds. Kessell, Rick Hendricks, and Meredith D. A Facsimile Reproduction by Jean Ribaut. De Soto Commission's report, being a "thoroughgoing examination" of the part in re present Florida of the final report of the U.

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