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  1. The Role of Ph Fronts in Tissue Electroporation Based Treatments
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  3. Clinical Aspects of Electroporation

Matthiessen, Tobian Muir, Julie Gehl.

The Role of Ph Fronts in Tissue Electroporation Based Treatments

Cell Electroporation in Bone Tissue. Drug and Gene Electrotransfer to the Brain.


Iversen, Julie Gehl. Minimally Invasive Intraluminal Tumor Ablation. Patrick F.

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Forde, Michael G. Bourke, Slawomir Salwa, Gerald C. Electrotransfer of Plasmid DNA.

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Gene Electrotransfer to Tumor. Gene Electrotransfer to Lung. Gene Electrotransfer to Skin. Paolo Fagone, Devon J. Lee, Daphne Wong, Stephen T. Daphne Wong, Edward W.

As chief of the research center for image-guided tumor ablation in Amsterdam he is continuously searching for ways to improve survival and quality of life of patients with cancer. Hester Scheffer , MD is a senior-researcher at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam and one of the key opinion leaders in the field of irreversible electroporation research.

Having conducted extensive translational research she was the first to prove actual cell death in the clinical setting caused by irreversible electroporation. In the preclinical setting, she focuses on electrical field modeling and the thermal component of irreversible electroporation, whereas in the clinical setting she coordinates several large trials on the efficacy of hepatic and pancreatic irreversible electroporation and she is the author of the only issued systematic review on irreversible electroporation.

Together with Dr. Meijerink she is the founder of a worldwide network for irreversible electroporation research in the field of interventional oncology.

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Clinical Aspects of Electroporation

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