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Pole Barn Kit Pricing
  1. Questions on Pole Barns
  2. The Best Post-Frame “Pole Buildings” and “Pole Barns”
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Additional Project Information and Pictures. This is a fantastic Monitor style horse and hay barn.

Pole Building Peace of Mind

Built on the hillside above Long Lake, the barn features a 20x54x18 center section and 1 12x54x10 Lean-to on each side. Cedar Sided Pole Barn Dimensions: 36 x 60 x 18 ft. Hay Storage Buildings Dimensions: 60 x x 21 ft.

Questions on Pole Barns

This building was designed for hay storage. The front gable end is open. Horse Arena Barn Dimensions: 80 x x 16 ft. This private equestrian center is not your average pole barn. Horse Barn and Riding Arena Dimensions: 70 x x 16 ft. A horse lovers dream building. The siding is stained cedar board and battens.

The Best Post-Frame “Pole Buildings” and “Pole Barns”

All sliding doors are custom built with a cross buck design. Horse Barn with Lean To Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 14 ft. This is a Horse barn building with 12' lean-to attachment. A decorative exposed timber truss was installed under the gable peak. The roof incorporates 2' roof overhangs and a 36" cupola with window sides and weathervane. The project also utilizes 4 stalls with dutch doors Horse Barn with Loft Storage Dimensions: 36 x 48 x 14 ft. The roof incorporates 2' roof overhangs on all sides and a 36" cupola with windows and weathervane.

Under the upper eave are 4 picture style window for additional light. A loft floor was installed You can decide if you want a traditional style pole barn which is what we chose or you can go for one that is a little non-traditional meaning a garage style. Whatever works for you, you can hopefully find here. So maybe you need a pole barn that will hold a little more than old bee supplies that would be us ; an old tractor us again ; and other odds and ends that you simply need to keep your land running.

Maybe you actually would like to put livestock in it. Well, that can be done too. This site provides 18 different plans for just that. Again, whatever your specific need might be you will hopefully find the plans to match. If you are comfortable reading plans then these should be no problem. If not, then just take your time and read all of the small print to make sure that you are fully understanding what they are calling you to do. Other than that, you should hopefully do well.

I love this article on pole barns. It breaks everything down into baby-steps to help even the most amateur carpenter have a successful build of a pole barn. It offers great visuals and gives you a solid picture of what your end result might look like. If you are a visual person like myself then you will probably appreciate the effort the author put into pictures.

It makes understanding the plans and steps a little easier. I really like this pole barn. I just love the way they look. It is nice how the author took the time to offer a detailed picture of what the plans are calling you to build. This particular barn can be used for livestock or storage whatever your preference and it comes with easy to download plans. Since this pole barn is so versatile, it could be a great fit for just about anyone. It also gets very technical, you'll learn not only how to build the barn but also site selection, soil bearing capacity, foundation, and more.

These plans are not what you would imagine with a typical pole barn. They are more like a traditional barn with a pole barn awning attached.

Building A Large Post Frame Garage Full Time-lapse Construction: NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE

I personally like the looks of them. I think they are gorgeous to look at. This site offers your traditional pole barn plans. But they also offer a few non-traditional barn plans as well. They offer plans for storage along with plans for livestock. So go ahead and browse. You might be surprised what you come across and decide would work for your property.

These plans are gorgeous. A 24' X 36' open-sided pavilion with an enclosed storage area on a cement floor. A metal building, 48' X 96', designed for storing round bales of hay. An above-ground, cement block, 15'8" X 32' building for storing pesticides. A 56' X32' machine shop plan showing suggested tool layout. A raised commerical storage bin for sawdust from a sawmill with a dump truck direct loading area.

A 36' X 24' building designed to store metal and wood working equipment. A 3-page building plan of a ' X ' rodeo arena with holding pens and seating. A ' X 46' facility for housing and selling cattle and other farm animals.

Farm fencing made of galvanized cables with concrete or pressure-treated posts. A gooseneck trailer for transporting cattle or other farm animals.

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A 6 page detailed building plan for a commercial livestock market. A trailer to carry sprinkler pipe into the fields with a basket for sprinkler accessories. A 4' high, 2'8" square, oil-fueled, cement block incinerator. Plans for a 5' X 10' concrete water tank for agricultural use.

How Much Does a Pole Barn Cost?

Search Search. Data Equipment Storage. Machinery Shed - Pole Construction with Shop Four pages of plans to buiild a 32' X '9" pole construction farm machinery shed with an enclosed workshop. Machinery Shed Pole Construction Design plans for a 25' X 72' pole construction farm machinery shed that is open on one side.

Pole Barn Home:

Machinery Shed with Workshop 42 X 98 Design plans for an open farm machinery shed with an enclosed workshop under the same roof. Machinery Shed 30 X 60 Design plans for a 30' X 60' wood frame, three-sided shed to house farm machinery. Machinery Shed with Workshop Design plans for a 24' X 64' wood or metal exterior machinery shed with attached workshop.

Corn Elevator Building plans for a 27' X 32' two-story structure with a gambrel roof designed to store corn. Circular Grain Bin Layouts A 4 page plan for a complex commerical grain bin operation Pavilion with Storage A 24' X 36' covered pavilion on a cement floor. Pesticide Storage and Mixing Facilities A 40' X 48' building consisting of a storage room and work rooms for the mixing of herbicides and pesticides.